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In the early years, coffee shipped from India to Europe took about six months to reach the destination. During transit coffee changed its characteristics due to the humidity at sea.

Overseas buyers developed a passion for the unique flavour and mellow taste of this coffee. "Monsooned Malabar" came into being as a unique Indian variety of Specialty Coffee.




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Monsooning has evolved gradually as a sophisticated process. The steps involved liken that of ocean transit of coffee during monsoon period. Specialized skills and adequate facilities are required for obtaining the desired quality and grades of Monsoon Coffee.

  • Prime grades of both Arabica and Robusta are subject to specialized processes under controlled conditions at our coastal establishment in Mangalore.
  • Coffee is stored in special warehouses from June through September. North West Monsoons bring favourable wind temperatures and humidity for processing coffee.
  • As coffee is exposed to atmospheric conditions, it undergoes some biological and chemical changes. Coffee bloats to almost twice its size; changes its texture and colour to pale gold and acquires a unique flavour and quality.
  • Mechanical polishing ensures that the coffee is free of silver skin, mold etc. and it adds lustre to the beans;
  • Coffee is then mechanically graded to achieve the desired size; pneumatically separated to extract light beans and finally sorted electronically or manually to achieve the Monsooned Coffee grades as per specifications
  • Good Monsooned Coffee production requires careful monitoring depending on weather conditions.