Coffees from India

stand out by their natural flavors

Coffees from India

stand out by their natural flavors

Products & Grades from India

Wide variety of qualities

We offer some of the best Arabica and Robusta coffees in India. Grown on many different estates located in several regions, we trade coffees of all qualities and different processings, such as washed or unwashed.

Our coffees are hand-picked and delicately processed in our own facilities to bring out the multifaceted natural flavors in every cup.





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From tree to cup

Kanana Specialities

The word “kanana” is commonly used in local lingo and means “jungle” in English. Indian coffee is predominantly grown in Western Ghats, which is one of the world’s largest biodiversity hotspots and is therefore comparable to a jungle.  The native trees do not only provide a unique agro-climatic growing condition to coffee. The area is also habitat to many mammals and avian species.

Under the name of “ Kanana Specialities” we at NKG India Coffee offer you some of the finest handpicked, specially processed coffees which are making you crave for more. These microlots are specially sourced from the finest estates. Only the high-quality, ripe coffee cherries are hand-picked and selected for speciality processing.

All of the “Kanana Speciality” microlots are specially processed at our own mill in Hassan.

We offer the following qualities:

  • Arabica Naturals

  • Arabica Honey

  • Robusta Naturals

  • Robusta Honey

  • Single Estate

  • Single Varietal


In past times,  it took about six months to ship coffee from India to Europe. Due to the high humidity at sea, the long journey changed the coffee’s characteristics.  The unique flavour and mellow taste of this coffee became very popular among oversea buyers. Known as “Monsooned Malabar”, this coffee was increasingly sold as a unique Indian variety of specialty coffee.

Nowadays, “Monsooning” is a sophisticated processing method during the monsoon period, which is reproducing the conditions of the former coffee transit overseas. Specialized skills and adequate facilities are required for obtaining the desired quality and grades of Monsoon Coffee.

  • Prime grades of both Arabica and Robusta are subject to specialized processes under controlled conditions at our coastal establishment in Mangalore.
  • The coffee is stored in special warehouses from June through September. North West Monsoons bring favourable wind temperatures and humidity for processing the coffee ideally.
  • As the coffee is exposed to atmospheric conditions, it undergoes some biological and chemical changes: The coffee bloats to almost twice its size, it changes its texture and colour to pale gold and acquires a unique flavour and quality.
  • Mechanical polishing ensures that the coffee is free of silver skin, mold etc. it adds lustre to the beans at the same time;
  • Coffee is then mechanically graded to achieve desired size, gravity separated to extract light beans and finally sorted electronically to achieve the Monsooned Coffee grades as per specifications.
  • A good Monsooned Coffee production requires a very careful monitoring depending on weather conditions.

Single Estate Coffee

We are connecting producers with roasters: especially small and specialty roasters who look for consistent cup quality and traceable coffees.

We help interested producers to market their single estate coffee to roasters. The yield is directly sourced from those selected estates and is processed and exported separately. This is to guarantee full traceability and to keep all characteristics of the coffee produced in the respective estate. Both producer and roaster benefit from those kind of value-added business relation in the longterm.

Please contact our trade team for further details.

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